To the Members of the Congregation of the Mission, As Their 400th Anniversary Approaches

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Congregation of the Mission, News | 1 comment

Superior General Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, C.M. writes:

Last year, all the members of the Congregation of the Mission began their three years’ spiritual preparation, what we might call “ad intra” [personal inner preparation] for the upcoming 400th Anniversary of its Foundation, next year, 2025. To accompany our spiritual preparation, I would like to announce and launch today, for the whole Congregation, a so-called “ad extra” preparation for our 400th Anniversary [going out to meet our brothers and sisters, telling them about Saint Vincent de Paul and the Congregation of the Mission].

Jesus, in His Mercy, is giving us this unique, extraordinary, and very special moment in the history of the Little Company, 400 years of service within the Church through our Vincentian Spirituality and Charism.

Read the full article at the website of the Congregation of the Mission International.


1 Comment

  1. James E Ruiz

    Thank You, Fr. Tomaz Mavric, C.M., fo being an inspiration to all of us Vincentians, and specifically, calling our Religious to go out and proclaim the Good News as St. Vincent would have done. This is an inspiration to all member Vincentians, especially in those Dioseces where we do not have close contact with a Vincentian Priest. Thank You