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Urgent Call To Ban Killer Robots

At the United Nations, civil society recently focused on one specific means of warfare—lethal autonomous weapons (LAWS), also known as fully autonomous weapons or, more commonly, “killer robots.” 

International Day Calls For End To Gender-Based Violence

Monday, November 25, is International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women, an occasion on which advocates worldwide will focus on changing the narrative.

World Cities Day – October 31

The Vincentian Family at the UN is strongly supporting work in the cities.  Advocating for financial support of infrastructure, environmentally sound planning, and promoting the right to housing are a few of the areas in which we continue to work.

The United Nations – Little steps…Great Impact?

As I have learned in my internship so far, we have the resources to change the status quo into a sustainable home for all human beings.

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