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Kenya Awards a Daughter of Charity who Feeds Street Children During the Pandemic

The government of Kenya presented an award to Sister Winnie Mutuku, DC for her work that involved providing food to street children during the emergency created by the Covid-19 pandemic.


The UK Vincentian Family is working to eradicate the poverty of homelessness – now and for all time.

Ladies of Charity Advocacy: DACA Upheld; Need For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

As Ladies of Charity, we support justice for all the poor and marginalized of our world… this is only a temporary fix to the issue of immigration, and a real final solution is needed.

Two More Days: Join with the Vincentian Family for a Time of Prayer: July 12

We invite all members of the Vincentian Family, both lay and consecrated, and also collaborators and all who are in solidarity with the charism of Saint Vincent de Paul to a moment of prayer to be held on Facebook Live.

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