“Facing the Coronavirus” Presentation from the Vincentian Confraternity of Psychologists

This presentation was created by the Vincentian Confraternity of Psychologists to share some advice to help those who help others to feel better, less anxious, and less worried about the pandemic.

Vincent Helps: An Icon of Quick Response

Based on a zoom interview with Fr. Geowen Porcincula CM, former team leader of Vincent Helps at its institution and present Vincentian Foundation Assistant Executive Director.

This Priest Died of COVID-19. His Congregants Got Vaccinated in his Honor

The member of the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity arrived in 2018 to serve at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe and immediately endeared himself to locals.

‘New Wine in new Wineskins’: Religious Life in the Post-Coronavirus Era

Being paralyzed by the pandemic, the world had to admit some uncomfortable truths: “Everyone on the planet is connected” — “When you are ill, so am I”