“Homelessness is a silent war on children”

What is the average age of homeless persons in America? Over 50 Between 30 and 49 Between 15 and 29 Below 15 I really wonder how many would have guessed age 11, much less that it is a well-researched fact. (as of January 2022). More info at this link Cynthia Griffith...

How Do You “Encounter” a Person Who Is Homeless?

But you shouldn’t build up “talking to a homeless person” in your mind as something that’s vastly different from talking to any other kind of person.

First Aid AND Long-term Solutions Needed For the Homeless

The Vincentian Family is committed to a collaborative worldwide effort to eradicate homelessness by 2030. We can only get to 2030 by looking at homelessness in 2020.

Rethinking homelessness: ‘connection and coordination’ seen as keys to fresh response

An evening of networking sponsored by the archdiocese to help connect individuals and organizations involved in charitable activity among Vancouver’s neediest populations.

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