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Articles for Homelessness

Which Costs More – Housing or Health Care?

After one year, BJC Healthcare estimated the cost of care for the enrolled homeless clients was reduced to $230,000, representing an estimated annual savings of nearly $400,000 or 71%. No doubt the financial people were quite pleased.

Video: St. Vincent de Paul Society Celebrating 175 Years in the USA; Now Adapting to Challenges of COVID-19

A video showing how the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Marin County, California has adapted to serve their neighbors in need despite the many challenges of COVID-19.

Homelessness and Laudato Si

We need to look not only at housing those already on the street, but also at addressing the root reasons that people become homeless in the first place.

Young Vincentians from Portugal mobilize for Lebanon

Several groups of the Vincentian Marian Youth of Portugal mobilized to send funds to the International Vincentian Family for Lebanon.

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