Articles for Homelessness

Sheltering In Place When You Don’t Have a Home?

In this time of “sheltering in place” two health care workers share their concerns for people who have no place to shelter in.

Vincentians in Nigeria join the fight against homelessness

The Vincentian Family in Nigeria has decided to focus their work on homelessness after their annual meeting in Lagos last month.

Who Will Run the Soup Kitchens?

But with so many areas under lockdown, I suddenly realized pressing another problem I had not thought about. Who will run the soup kitchens?

What’s More Important Now … First Aid? or Long-term Solutions?

Magdalena puts a face on the problem. But where is that place and is it possible to follow the guidelines we have been hearing.  The story of one woman who is affected.

Watch the New 13 Houses Video!

Watch the New 13 Houses Video!

The “13 Houses” Campaign is changing the lives of homeless people all around the world thanks to the collaboration between Vincentian branches.

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