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Articles for Homelessness

Tackling slum dwelling in Malawi, one house at a time!

Annie’s story is one of many in Malawi, an African country where 65% of the population live in slums, according to data from UN-Habitat.

How Did St. Vincent Help the Homeless of His Day

You may not believe that one man could do all that Vincent did!

A home in Namibia, beds in the Netherlands

As part of the jubilee, the Brothers of Our Lady Mother of Mercy (CMM) started the ‘Sheltering the Homeless’ project inspired by the 13 Houses Campaign of the Famvin Homeless Alliance.

Public Transportation – Convenience, Hassle, or Lifeline

A 2015 Harvard study found that access to reliable transportation is the biggest factor in determining whether someone will escape poverty and avoid homelessness.

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