“Seeing” Homelessness Through Data

Street homelessness is in many ways a very visible social and infrastructure issue, while sheltered homelessness and inadequate housing are less obvious to the observer.

Americans Are Waking Up to the Homelessness Crisis. Here’s How to Fix It

On April 22, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in City of Grants Pass, Oregon v. Johnson—a case which aims to determine whether local governments can make it a crime for someone to live outside and unsheltered if they have no home.

Empowering individuals and communities: reflections from Manila

Recognised as a form of homelessness by the Institute of Global Homelessness, slums are often characterised by overcrowding, inadequate infrastructure and lack of access to basic services.

From Global Advocacy to Action: Developing Homelessness Prevention Policies and Programs

Stakeholders, including the United Nations, advocate for expanding prevention strategies to avert future homelessness.

Student Seeks to Shed Light on Child Homelessness

Student Seeks to Shed Light on Child Homelessness

“We wanted to do something that youth and young adults could get involved in, so me and my brothers and a bunch of my friends started our own group of St. Vincent de Paul.” Kat Brissette wanted to use her art project to bring awareness to the homeless community in...

Who are the Homeless? #IamVincent

Who are the Homeless? #IamVincent

As we prepare to launch a major initiative to serve the homeless populations of the world, the Vincentian family needs to know the answer to the question, "Who are the homeless?" Then we need to share the truth. Steve Lopez of the LA Times paints a clear picture....