How Do You “Encounter” a Person Who Is Homeless?

But you shouldn’t build up “talking to a homeless person” in your mind as something that’s vastly different from talking to any other kind of person.

First Aid AND Long-term Solutions Needed For the Homeless

The Vincentian Family is committed to a collaborative worldwide effort to eradicate homelessness by 2030. We can only get to 2030 by looking at homelessness in 2020.

Rethinking homelessness: ‘connection and coordination’ seen as keys to fresh response

An evening of networking sponsored by the archdiocese to help connect individuals and organizations involved in charitable activity among Vancouver’s neediest populations.

World Homeless Day: ‘Seeking safety- a journey from Nigeria’

We would like to share Feth’s story with you once again, so that her words can be a starting point for reflection, prayer and action at the service of those who suffer throughout the world.

Asking for spare change

Asking for spare change

How should I handle being asked for spare change? The homeless Hub asks “What is the best and most respectful way to handle someone who is asking for spare change? I am often approached by someone asking for spare change while I sit at a red light and I find it...

City in Canada eliminates homelessness

City in Canada eliminates homelessness

William Graham of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Peel North Particular Council, Canada shares this story and wonders what Vincentians think of this idea. After all, who would not want to save $80,000 per homeless person per year while ending homelessnes in the...

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