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A Canadian View: Safe, Secure and Affordable Housing is a Human Right – Part One

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Canada has embarked on a 3-year campaign under the theme of “SAFE, SECURE AND AFFORDABLE HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT.”

A Canadian View: Global Climate Change

As Vincentians we must also look at the effect on our fellow residents of this planet who are amongst those living in poverty.

A Canadian View: Climate Change In Canada

As we examine the urgent need to address climate change, I’d like to look at how it is affecting Canada.

A Canadian View: A Visit From Dorian

My original plan for this article was to report on an Atlantic Canada Vincentian family social justice gathering in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but hurricane Dorian had other plans.

A Canadian View: Global Climate Change

A Canadian View: Engaging Homelessness

Homelessness is certainly a topic we hear and talk about a great deal in today’s world as there are many cities across North America that are trying to make the need for affordable, safe and secure housing a major component their future planning.

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