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Articles for Canada

A Canadian View: A Ray of Hope for All 

November 15th is the World Day of the Poor. Let us all reflect on how we use this day as a new beginning, with the ray of hope we have been waiting for and forget our differences and come together as one family.

A Canadian View: The Times They Are A-Changing

When I hear or read the lyrics to this song I recall the words of Frederic Ozanam in Paris of the 1830’s when he warned us about the growing gap between those with so much and those with so little.

A Canadian View: An Indigenous Vision for All – Crazy Horse

I’m sure many of us have heard of the great Sioux warrior, Crazy Horse who took part in the infamous Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876 where Gen. Custer was defeated and killed. I’d like to tell you more about Crazy Horse.

A Canadian View: A Diversity Alliance

Let us join in a diversity alliance that is inclusive of all racialized persons and fulfills what God has given us all.

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