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Articles for Vincentian Family

A Vincentian View: Weekend Reflections

The liturgical celebrations of this past Independence Day weekend have challenged me.

Remember: on July 12th You Are Invited to Pray with the Worldwide Vincentian Family

In a few days, through Facebook Live, many Vincentians will meet online to pray for the needs of the men and women of today’s world (especially those individuals who are poor).

Who You Calling a Vincentian”?

Who is a VIncentian? Is it an organization, a mindset, a federation of religious organizations? Let me suggest that it is a way of looking at things shared by a number of people.

A Vincentian View: Reconciliation

St. John’s University, where I work, planned a prayer service around the theme of “Unity and Hope” in order to address the issue of racism that has dominated our country’s thinking in the past weeks

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