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Articles for Vincentian Family

A Vincentian View: Joseph and Psalm 1

Do you want to hear Joseph pray?  You might begin with Psalm 1.

A Vincentian View: The Grace of Graces

“We need only ask Saint Joseph for the grace of graces: our conversion” (PC p. 9).

A Vincentian View: The Fiat of St. Joseph

“In every situation, Joseph declared his own “fiat,” like those of Mary at the Annunciation and Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.”

A Vincentian View: Dreamers

Joseph, Vincent and Louise, Francis, and many others invite us to think about what is possible as we open our eyes to God’s grace for a different and better world.

Vincentian Collaboration – Final Day

Vincentian Collaboration – Final Day

Vincentian Collaboration Final Day - The final day of VFCAP was a morning of future planning and an afternoon in Clichy.  Marty Martin prepared participants for the creation of their MAP (My Action Plan). Time was spent on creating SMART goals (specific, measurable,...

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