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Example of the Vincentian Charism As Lived Out Today

by | Aug 5, 2018 | Formation

Spend six minutes being inspired by the Vincentian charism in action! The following video tells the story of the Vincentian Fathers’ Social Office in Beirut, Lebanon. What great examples of:

  • home visits
  • fundraising
  • education/child care
  • care of migrant families
  • collaboration among branches of the Vincentian Family (Miraculous Medal Association, Congregation of the Mission)
  • collaboration with entities outside the Vincentian Family (Caritas)

From their mission statement:

“Any organization that aims to be ‘Vincentian’ must update Saint Vincent de Paul’s dream– make it current. Saint Vincent’s message of love is particularly important to us today; we who seek to deal with intolerable spiritual and material human miseries. As heirs of the legacy and vision of Saint Vincent de Paul, our challenge is to revive his vision as a mission that continues to live in all of us.”

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