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The Daughters of Charity Visited the “Ángel de Amor” Foundation in Costa Rica

The “Ángel de Amor” [Angel of Love] Foundation received a visit from the Daughters of Charity who live in Guápiles, Pococí, Costa Rica.

Healing The Wounds That Bind Us, Our Daughters Of Charity Blueprint At St. Francis Xavier 1863

In 1863 St. Francis Xavier was the first to throw open it’s doors to welcome wounded men from both armies. Who answered the call from both armies? Sisters.

The Silent Work of the Daughters of Charity in Haiti

Haiti is a place where poverty abounds and where the Sisters receive the eternal gratitude of people who love them.

Daughters of Charity in El Paso: Carrying On The Missionary Spirit

On February 3, 1892, four Daughters of Charity stepped off the train in El Paso, Texas, USA. Within a day the Sisters had laid the foundations for Hotel Dieu hospital, an institution that would welcome thousands of El Pasoans into the world, provide critical care for...
St. Louise de Marillac: Organizational Genius

St. Louise de Marillac: Organizational Genius

St. Louise de Marillac was a pioneer social worker, educator, and advocate. Her projects were implemented according to surprisingly modern standards of care and were the basis for other developments in their respective fields.

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