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Access to water: the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth work towards a right still denied to many

Water is one of the basic rights that is, unfortunately, still denied to many people across the globe.

Accompanying the Journey of a Refugee. What Have we heard? What Action will we Take in the Future?

The Second International Conference of the FamVin Homeless Alliance took place in Sevilla (June 7-9). During that time the participants reflected on the reality of refugees, displaced and abused individuals.

Famvin International Conference on refugees, displaced persons and trafficked individuals

Seville was the city that hosted from June 7-9, the second FHA International Conference entitled, “Accompanying the journey of a refugee.”

Together on a Journey to Accompany Refugees, Internally Displaced People and Victims of Human Trafficking

Silence. Tears. And then applause. The core meaning of a dangerous, tortuous journey, full of fear, but also hope for a better future is encapsulated in the embrace of the beneficiaries of the projects of the Daughters of Charity (DC) in Seville, Spain, where the...
Going into the Darkness Looking for Light

Going into the Darkness Looking for Light

Seventy FamVin members gathered in Seville this month to discuss how to accompany refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as part of FHA’s commitment to respond creatively to the needs of homeless persons (including street sleepers and slum dwellers).

What Must Be Done to Confront Global Homelessness? (Video presented at DePaul University)

What Must Be Done to Confront Global Homelessness? (Video presented at DePaul University)

What concrete steps can we take today as we seek a world where everyone has a stake in their community and a place to call home? In this video, Mark McGreevy (Depaul International) uses the analogy of an overflowing bathtub to help us think about the problem of homelessness. This is followed by presentations by Lydia Stazen (Institute of Global Homelessness) and Yasmine Cajuste (FamVin Homeless Alliance).

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