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Articles for St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul: One of the great saints of history (Part 2)

"The originality of his version of Christianity is [a] reason that makes Saint Vincent de Paul one of the great saints in history." - José María Román, C.M.   ...

Vincent Outgrew “Zip Code” Politics!

Vincent grew beyond his original ministry zip code!

Which Story Interests You Most?

Whose story are you most aware of? Can you recognize the interconnection of all stories? Do Vincentians have a special vocation as storytellers?

“Vincent’s Shades of Tolerance” by Fr. Jack Melito, CM

A presentation based on one of the essays from “Saint Vincent de Paul: Windows on His Vision,” a collection of informal essays about Saint Vincent de Paul, his life and his spirituality, by Rev. Jack Melito, CM.

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