Articles for St. Vincent de Paul

Reconstruction of the Face of Saint Vincent de Paul

The reconstructed image of the face of Saint Vincent de Paul, in 3D, was presented to the public on February 13 at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Penha, in Crato-CE (Brazil). The idea arose in 2015 and, the following year, experts in medicine, technology and dentistry...

“Leaving God For God”

We, as members of the Vincentian Family, know that on more than one occasion Saint Vincent spoke about leaving God in order to find God.

The Vincentian Family Celebrates the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul

On September 27, feast of St. Vincent de Paul, the various branches of the Vincentian Family Worldwide prepare in many ways the celebration of this important date.

St. Vincent’s Spiritual Way: the Process of Discernment in Daily Life

Fr. Hugh O’Donnell defines discernment as a process by which the Spirit calls us to use our freedom to act in a certain way. He defines it as “a choice, not between good and evil, but between two or more goods.”

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