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Articles for Vincentian Family

A Vincentian View: The Christ of Vincent de Paul

The pleasure of reading Vincentian authors on the meaning of Christ for Vincent, of looking at Vincent’s own writings and preaching, and of studying the events of his life has tendered me a blessing

A Vincentian View: A Shepherd’s Prayer

Scholars generally divide the 23rd Psalm, the so-called Shepherd’s Psalm, into two parts.

A Vincentian View: Faithful to the Mission

In this academic year, St. John’s University, where I minister, celebrates its 150th anniversary. 

Vincentian Prayer Images: Getting To Know Our Family

What couldn’t we do if we got to know other branches of our Vincentian Family, especially in our local area?

Vincentian Family Prayer

Vincentian Family Prayer

A prayer used by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, combined with music and images submitted from around the Vincentian Family for the 400th celebration.

Nobel prize winner celebrates ZAFEN

Nobel Peace Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus visited DePaul University in Chicago recently & met with members of the Zafèn team visiting from Haiti and Philadelphia. Professor Yunus promoted social businesses, which address social issues, cover their costs, but instead...

Vincentians in parishes

Vincent de Paul was not keen about the involvement of the Congregation of the Mission in parishes. His reluctance to accept them, while by no means an absolute refusal, is evident from the earliest days of the Company until the time of his death. In an article "ON...

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