Vincentian Family

A Vincentian View: Inspiration

We pray for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as we pray and live the Gospel. 

A Vincentian View: On the Way for a Visit

On the campus of both Niagara University and St. John’s University, identical life-size metal statues of the Blessed Mother stand outside in grassed areas.

A Vincentian View: Tongues of Fire

We live in a world and at a time that has much need for the energizing fire of the Holy Spirit.

A Vincentian View: A Time for Retreat

One of the Pilgrimage Festivals of Judaism is Shavuot.  It translates into English as “weeks’ and thus is sometimes called the “Feast of Weeks” as it marks the seven weeks (the “week of weeks”) between Passover and the feast. In Greek (and English), the translation...
Vincentian Collaboration – Final Day

Vincentian Collaboration – Final Day

Vincentian Collaboration Final Day - The final day of VFCAP was a morning of future planning and an afternoon in Clichy.  Marty Martin prepared participants for the creation of their MAP (My Action Plan). Time was spent on creating SMART goals (specific, measurable,...

Vincentian Family Collaborators Day 3

Vincentian Family Collaborators Day 3

Sr. Denise LaRock reports on Vincentian Family Collaborators Day 3: Module 2: "Contemplator Re-Rooting" Today was a packed day for the Vincentian Family Collaborative Action Program!  Pamela Mantuhac led the group through the Four Vincentian Relationships: with those...

VFCAP Photo Album on Facebook

VFCAP Photo Album on Facebook

As you can see from the VFCAP photo album this day focused on Vincentian Virtues. Fr. Dan Borlick led the session on the connection between Vincent de Paul and virtues and  focused on issues such as What is Vincentian Simplicity , etc Where have you seen lack of these...