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A Vincentian View: All Are Welcome

In the middle of the Acts of the Apostles (c. 15), we find one of the first issues of exclusion in the young Christian community.

A Vincentian View: Acts of the Apostles

One of the great blessings of the Easter Season is the way in which the church directs our attention to the Acts of the Apostles in both the weekday and the Sunday readings.

A Vincentian View: Seeing and Believing

In the readings of the Easter Season, it sometimes seems that the two positions of “seeing” and “believing” are mutually exclusive. 

A Vincentian View: Thoughts on the Cross

The cross stands at the center of our reflection in these days. Lent summoned us to follow Jesus to the Jerusalem that held the cross on which he would die. The Triduum draws us to the foot of the cross. Easter leads us away to the new life won on the cross. An empty...
Discover Fire

Discover Fire

The day will come when after harnessing space... the winds... the tides... gravitation... we shall harness for God the energy of love and for the second time in history we will have discovered fire. (Teilhard deChardin) So are you ready to play your part, set the...

September in the Vincentian Family

September in the Vincentian Family

September is one of the busier months in the Vincentian Family Calendar. The Vincentian Encyclopedia has background on these events. 2 - Bl. Louis-Joseph Francois,  Jean-Henri Gruyer and Pierre-Rene Rogue, Priests and Martyrs, 7 - Frank Duff joined the Society of...

Vincentian Family Worldwide

Vincentian Family Worldwide

From time to time it is good to re-present a Slideshare overview of the scope of the Worldwide Vincentian Family - branches, development, etc. It can provide an occasion for rejoicing in sharing a charism that is wider than any one branch and an invitation to learn...

Vincentian Family at WYD Vocations Fair

The World Youth Day (WYD) will be a time to meet with other young people who also want to follow Christ. It is also a moment of encounter with Christ himself, who wishes to speak to the heart of every young pilgrim. The Vincentian Family will be present at the...

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