Vincentian Family Collaborative Action Program Day 4

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Vincentian Family

VFCAP 2014 DAY3 (33)Once again Sr. Denise LaRock reports –  Day 4 of VFCAP (Vincentian Family Collaborative Action Program) was another full day as Module 3 was continued.  Marty Martin started out the day with Conflict Resolution.  He presented on types of conflict, causes of conflict and conflict management styles.  He emphasized that whatever model for management styles is used it needs to normalize conflict–we all experience it.

David Taylor was up next presenting on Project Management. He outlined for the group the process of beginning a project with a written plan, tracking the progress, evaluating the results, and the qualities of a good project manager.  He reminded the participants to celebrate the milestones!

After lunch the group walked to the cemetery to pay respects to Sister Rosalie Rendu and to pray for her intercession.

Consensus Decision Making energized the participants with Joan Vivian.  Joan Vivian gave several methods and guidelines of brainstorming.  The participants used the process in their groups which included a brainstorming contest between tables.

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