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A Vincentian View: The Synod and the Spirit

Whenever I have taught the Epistles of Paul or instructed lectors on these texts, I emphasize that one must read these letters as if they were addressed to oneself and to a Christian community gathered to hear them. 

A Vincentian View: Journeying Together – To Bethlehem

In an earlier post, I noted how the Holy Father’s summons to “synodality” attracts me.  His call to “journey together” reminds me of how often I travel alone and according to my own devices.  Who should be my companions on the way and what provisions should I bring? ...

A Vincentian View: Journeying Together – Joseph and Mary

Pope Francis has decided that an emphasis in our Catholic community for the next few years will focus our attention on the concept of “synodality.”

A Vincentian View: The Holy Name of Jesus

From the earliest days of my Catholic education, the good School Sisters of Notre Dame taught my young schoolmates and me to bow our heads when we said the name “Jesus.” 

Something new is happening … in Paris

Something new is happening … in Paris

Everybody is convinced something very special and very good is happening in Paris these days. Toma Zelinski of Poland reports (with  an echo of Pentecost)....Sunday, May 19, 2013 was an opening day of Vincentian Family Collaborative Action Program session. Almost 50...

Empower Hatian women!

Empower Hatian women!

Today, the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative launched a campaign to raise funds to support a sewing cooperative in Haiti to employ women who were taught to sew, embroider and create artisanal crafts by the Daughters of Charity. Minimum wage in Haiti is $5/day, but that’s not enough for families to lift themselves from poverty. The […]

Vincentians – who are we?

Vincentians – who are we?

Gratefulness. org is inviting people to be "Guardians for Gratefulness" As I read the description of who they are the verbs stood out. I began thinking, "How would a group of Vincentians complete those sentences in the context of being Servants of those who are poor...

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