Vincentian Family

A Vincentian View: On the Way for a Visit

On the campus of both Niagara University and St. John’s University, identical life-size metal statues of the Blessed Mother stand outside in grassed areas.

A Vincentian View: Tongues of Fire

We live in a world and at a time that has much need for the energizing fire of the Holy Spirit.

A Vincentian View: A Time for Retreat

One of the Pilgrimage Festivals of Judaism is Shavuot.  It translates into English as “weeks’ and thus is sometimes called the “Feast of Weeks” as it marks the seven weeks (the “week of weeks”) between Passover and the feast. In Greek (and English), the translation...

A Vincentian View: The Good Shepherd

In the 23rd Psalm, the psalmist proclaims, “My shepherd is the Lord.”  I imagine that when Jesus prayed these words, he found a depiction of himself.

VFCAP Day 2 – First photos

VFCAP Day 2 – First photos

Module  1 - “A Vincentian is a Visionary... Reawakening” -  with Rev. Fr. Patrick Griffin, CM Outcomes To connect with each other To be inspired by the charism of the primary/primitive spirit (Hear some Vincentian stories, Learn from the stories) To connect with their...

Lessons from “Call the Midwife”

Lessons from “Call the Midwife”

The real story of the "sisters" of  "Call the Midwife" ... and how it echoes the life and works of the founders of the various branches of the Vincentian Family "The police were everywhere and never walked the streets alone yet the midwives could travel through the...