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Vincentian Family Collaborative Action 2014

by | Jun 1, 2014 | Vincentian Family | 2 comments

vfcap tagIn a Vincentian Pentecost more than 50 Vincentian Family members from 24 Countries will be gathering in Paris to attend the Collaborative Action Program June 8-13, 2014.    The program offers Vincentian spirituality and heritage components, together with theoretical and practical training on collaboration and systemic change.  The goal is to enable the Vincentian Family to work more effectively together at a Global, Regional and Local level, so that the lives of those living in poverty will be transformed.


Participants by Branch: VFCAP 2014

Ladies of Charity:

  • Ah-Moy Ramaroson, Bernadette Josephe
  • De Castro, Melodee Marciana
  • Escobar, Rebeca
  • Mansi, Deirdre (Dee)
  • Sahad Araújo, Sumaia

Congregation of the Mission:

  • Amaro Ramayo, Father Irving Gabriel
  • Bonenge, Father Jean Robert
  • Botet Caridad, Father Manuel
  • Campuzano, Father Guillermo
  • Friedrichsen, Father Edson
  • Hayish Fessuh, Father Hagos
  • Isharianto, Father Rafael
  • Maher, Father John
  • Narcisse, Father Djerambete Yotobumbeti
  • Rodriguez, Father Astor
  • Rodriguez, Father Jorge
  • Swanson, Father Derek
  • Teixeira, Father Vinícius Augusto
  • Thuruthel Ouseph, Father Joy

Society of St. Vincent de Paul:

  • Coelho, José Hailton
  • Falla Zuloeta, Remberth Alonso
  • Ferreira, Maria Geralda (Ada Ferreira)
  • Godoy Arroyo, Celeste Noemi
  • Henao, Margarita

Vincentian Marian Youth:

  • Bonny, Geneviéve
  • Carrasco de los Santos, Yancarlos de Jesús
  • Escańo, Ana Maria
  • Mazúrová, Katarina


  • Elias,Ribel
  • Lopez Garcia, Ramon

Sisters of Charity:

  • Giuliani, Sister Angela (…of St. Joan Antide Thouret)
  • Popiƈ, Sister Veronika Mila (…..of St. Vincent de Paul, Zagreb)
  • Willie, Sister Caroljean (…….Federation)
  • Ziegler, Sister Luise (…….Untermarchtal)

VFCAP Design Team:

  • Borlik, Father Dan
  • Griffin, Father Pat
  • Kneaves, Sr. Kieran
  • Mantuhac, Pamela
  • Martin, Marty
  • McPhillips, Mary
  • Taylor, David
  • Vivian, Joan

Translators and Support:

  • Eid, Father Abdo
  • Ghali, Father Emile

Vincentian Family Collaboration Commission:

  • Cajuste, Yasmine
  • el-Khoury, Denise
  • LaRock, Sr. Denise
  • Lima de Oliveira, Renato
  • Ginete, Father Manny
  • McGreevy, Mark
  • Monteza, Natalie

Superior General: Gay, Father Gregory

Coordinator: Agostino, Father Joe










  1. Aidan R Rooney, C.M.

    Will this program have any live and/or interactive components for those at a distance (chat, twitter, VirtualVins, livestream, etc.)?

    • John Freund, CM

      Sorry, none that I am aware of.

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