“Vincentian as Visionary/Re-awakening”

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Vincentian Family

VFCAP-class 2014The theme of day 2 of Vincentian Family Collaboration Action Program (VFCAP) taking place in Paris was “Vincentian as Visionary/Re-awakening”.  The presentations for the day were given by Fr. Patrick Griffin, CM.   Fr. Patrick shared the importance of telling our stories.  He told stories of the Vincentian Family and of our heroes each in light of how they collaborated with others and learned from their collaborators.  Fr. Patrick’s hope is that his sharing of the Vincentian Family stories and heroes might encourage the participants and also to help each person learn from another.  In addition, that each person be willing to tell our heritage stories and to listen to the stories of others for the sake of serving those living in poverty.

The day included times of reflection and prayer.  The group had a Mass at St. Laurent Church celebrated by Fr. Irving Amaro Ramayo who is a participant from Mexico.  This was the parish church of the Daughters of Charity mother house at the time of St. Louise’s death and where she was first buried.  The group also walked near St. Laurent to St. Lazare which had been the mother house of the Congregation of the Mission at the time of St. Vincent’s death.

The day also included small group time by language groups in which participants shared a story of their own collaboration and how it reflected the Vincentian charism.  The small groups also met to discuss ways to make the Vincentian Family Collaboration Action Program available for various languagess with cultural adaptations.

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