Vincentian Family Collaborators Day 3

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Vincentian Family

VFCAP 2014 DAY3 (2)Sr. Denise LaRock reports on

Vincentian Family Collaborators Day 3: Module 2: “Contemplator Re-Rooting”

Today was a packed day for the Vincentian Family Collaborative Action Program!  Pamela Mantuhac led the group through the Four Vincentian Relationships: with those living in poverty, with collaborators, with God and with oneself using St. Vincent as a model to follow.  Taking it a step further, Pamela encouraged each person to reflect on these areas in his or her own life. Mixed in were songs and small group reflection.

Fr. Dan Borlik followed with the Virtues for Vincentians: simplicity, humility, gentleness (meekness), mortification, and passion (zeal).  Fr. Dan invited the participants to look deeper into the virtues to see how they are important to collaboration in serving those living in poverty.  Fr. Dan also used song and video to express his message.

The afternoon was led by Marty Martin and Joan Vivian.  Marty and Joan began the ground work for the future collaborative projects.  Time was spent on clarifying needs assessments and asset maps and the importance of both in ministry.  The asset mapping was then applied by having time to identify personal assets and those of the branches of the Vincentian Family.

Individual Style Inventory came next which invited participants to determine their work style: Creator, Planner, Organizer or Do-er.  Joan Vivian instructed the small groups to look at their team profile to assess its strengths and what strategies are needed to “fill the gaps.”  This was very helpful later when the language core groups met regarding future collaboration programs.

The day ended with contemplation.  Fr. Dan Borlik shared points about contemplation and later the group went to the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal, at the mother house of the Daughters of Charity, for silent prayer.

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