Editorial: We Should Not Whitewash the Lack of Human Rights

In 2010, Quatar – a country known for its violation of the most basic human rights (freedom of press, freedom of assembly, rights of women, rights of LGBTQ individuals) – was selected to host the World Cup in 2022, in a selection that was surrounded by suspicion of bribes and corruption.

Advent Letter 2022 by Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM

This Advent letter is an invitation to pray, meditate, and interiorize the “Evangelical Counsels” as a means to pursue our journey with Saint Vincent de Paul, a “Mystic of Charity.”

We are all against threats and attacks on religious freedom

It is unacceptable to live with restrictions on our religious freedom The entire international community is very concerned about the recent events in Nicaragua, especially the persecution of bishops and priests, and the closing down of Catholic parishes and Christian...

Editorial: The Death of Thousands of Migrants is a Disgrace and a Shame for all Humanity

Among the tide of terrible news that floods the various means of communication at the moment, two stories share the same characteristics and gravity: migrants from different parts of the globe who lost their lives on their journey of seeking a better existence, fleeing hunger and violence.

Send Us News!

Send Us News!

We all want to know what is happening in the Vincentian Family all over the world! .famvin is here to inform you about the different initiatives that our Family is undertaking all over the world...and it is very easy to make known what you and your companions are...

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