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What Can an Arcade Game Teach Us About Ministry?

Whack-a-mole has become something of a metaphor for a recurring problem that one never seems to get ahead of. How do we address recurring problems?

Getting Lost In the Details of Imitating Christ

Vincent imitated Christ by seeking what Jesus sought… to be Good News to the poor and marginalized.

Who Shaped… and is Shaping the Church Today?

Every time some idea was proposed at Vatican II which appeared new, I said to myself “Saint Vincent taught us that!” Sr. Guillemin, DC on her experience as an official “auditor” at Vatican II

Jesus the Rude Guest

Popes Benedict and Francis call us to imitate God who reached out to us an invited all of us to sit at the table.

St. Vincent – Councilor to the powerful

St. Vincent – Councilor to the powerful

It was not by preference that St. Vincent found himself as councilor to the powerful.  Fr. Richard J. Kehoe C.M. offers perspectives on what happened in his reflection  "St. Vincent de Paul - A Royal Councilor". By preference Vincent de Paul devoted himself to the...

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