The Immaculate Conception: Vincentian Perspectives

The presence of Mary is abundant, clear and solid in the experience of St. Louise and St. Vincent.

Vincentian Prayer Images: Prayers and Resolutions

What can I do to live in a kingdom where all are truly welcomed as God has welcomed me?

Vincentian Prayer Images: Vincent’s Table – Our Tables

Did this artist capture Vincent’s sprit? What do our tables usually look like?

What Are Elements Of Structural Racism?

What might be “Socially Acceptable” and “Not Socially Acceptable” elements of “structural” racism.

St. Vincent – Councilor to the powerful

St. Vincent – Councilor to the powerful

It was not by preference that St. Vincent found himself as councilor to the powerful.  Fr. Richard J. Kehoe C.M. offers perspectives on what happened in his reflection  "St. Vincent de Paul - A Royal Councilor". By preference Vincent de Paul devoted himself to the...