How St. Vincent’s spiritual vision evolved (Video)

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Formation


How St. Vincent’s Spiritual Vision Evolved – Sometimes we think that saints emerge fully formed… but that is not the case.

“Vincent’s spiritual vision was broadened with the passage of time and his direct knowledge of the different forms of poverty was also amplified. This was the result of discovering new forms of poverty in Paris and its surrounding area, then in other parts of France, later in other parts of Europe and yes, even in other parts of the world.

In 1617-1618 Vincent committed his ministry to the peasants and the sick poor. Soon thereafter he began to care for the galley salves. Then as a result of his relationship with Louse de Marillac and her Daughters of Charity the poor began to appear everywhere. (in the film, Monsieur Vincent, these words were spoken to Vincent by a nobleman).

We can begin to envision Vincent’s view of poverty by simply listing some of the different classes of poor people that became part of his life. This vision began in 1617 with an experience that led him to dedicate his life to the poor peasants and the sick poor.”

  • 1634: the sick poor in public hospitals (Ladies of Charity, Daughters of Charity).
  • 1638: abandoned children (Ladies of Charity, Daughters of Charity).
  • 1639: war refugees (Daughters of Charity, Congregation of the Mission).
  • 1645: Christians held captive in North Africa (Congregation of the Mission).
  • 1648: the people of Madagascar (Congregation of the Mission).
  • 1649: victims of the wars in Paris and the surrounding areas (Congregation of the Mission, Daughters of Charity, Ladies of Charity).
  • 1650: assistance to people living in devastated areas (Congregation of the Mission, Daughters of Charity, Ladies of Charity).
  • 1654: homes for the elderly (Congregation of the Mission, Daughters of Charity); wounded soldiers (Daughters of Charity).

Each of his encounters left it mark on Vincent… and in turn he addressed the needs as he encountered them. The following video shows the growth of Vincent’s Vision.

Our new video describes how St. Vincent’s spiritual vision evolved over the years, as he was influenced by his collaborators and by persons he encountered who were living in different forms of poverty. The video is based on the essay “Vincent de Paul in Châtillon: The birth of a new spiritual vision” by Jaime Corera, C.M.