Videos from the Historic Vincentian Family Gathering Rome 2020

Here is a list of videos posted on Facebook for the first two days.

Ladies of Charity: Stories of Hope

Four young women experiencing poverty begin to move forward in life and to attain their goals, accompanied by Ladies of Charity in different parts of the United States.

Quiet Wonder: Mary, the Mother of God

The Christmas Season is a hectic time. It is also a time of quiet wonder. Amanda Kern writes, Want a four-minute retreat today? Press "play," close your eyes if you like, and imagine what life would be like if we truly listened to and believed in what Mary and Joseph...

#IamVincent @ DePaul Service Immersion

In "Experiencing Vincentian Hospitality," Quinton Foshag unveils the transforming power of service immersion experiences. In my first ever experience living in the Vincentian House of Charity, I was so amazed by the love and compassion that Sister Monica and Sister...