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Videos from the Historic Vincentian Family Gathering Rome 2020

Here is a list of videos posted on Facebook for the first two days.

July 9: Feast of St. Francis Regis Clet, C.M.

Videos narrated in English and Mandarin on the life of St. Francis Regis Clet.

Ladies of Charity: Stories of Hope

Four young women experiencing poverty begin to move forward in life and to attain their goals, accompanied by Ladies of Charity in different parts of the United States.

Quiet Wonder: Mary, the Mother of God

The Christmas Season is a hectic time. It is also a time of quiet wonder. Amanda Kern writes, Want a four-minute retreat today? Press "play," close your eyes if you like, and imagine what life would be like if we truly listened to and believed in what Mary and Joseph...
60 Seconds with Sr. Maria Liebeck, DC

60 Seconds with Sr. Maria Liebeck, DC

Sister Maria Liebeck, D.C., shares how her ministry in art serves the poor. She believes "Everybody should have something beautiful in their lives." So she creates greeting cards especially for those in poverty. Catch more 60 Seconds with...

Video – Pope with Buddhist and Vincentian leaders

Video – Pope with Buddhist and Vincentian leaders

SVdP CEO Dave Barringer, Los Angeles Executive Director David Fields and San Francisco Executive Director Lorraine Moriarty have all traveled to Rome, Italy to spend time participating in the first "Dialogue and Fraternity" event between Catholic and Buddhist leaders...

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