I Love People Like Alexis Fuentes #IamVincent

by | Jan 29, 2017 | Formation, Reflections

In January of last year, I met with a young woman in a cafe in northern New Jersey. She is Alexis Fuentes, a former Missionary Cenacle Volunteer, and I spoke with her about her connection to the Vincentian Family and a bit of her life as she was living it. She’s a mother of four, thirty-something.

She connected coming out of college with the MCVs — lay volunteers who are in the Missionary Cenacle Family initiated Father Thomas Judge, C.M., and a group of lay women. You’ll sometimes hear her refer to the “Father Judge Apostolic Center.” Get to know Alexis if you didn’t last year.

#IamVincent. So is Alexis. So are you. And you all have stories to tell. Stories that will feed the spirits of other Vincentians and people with a “Vincentian heart.” Vinentians of “wherever.”

You do you have a story to tell, don’t you? Shoot 5 minutes of video and send it in (you can twittermessage @famvin or comment on this post and we’ll arrange things.) WE need your voices… and your faces.