Martyrs of Angers

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On February 1 we commemorate the Daughters of Charity Martyrs of Angers, Blessed Odile Baumgarten and Blessed Marie-Anne Vaillot.

At the ceremony in Rome on 19 February 1984 Pope John Paul II beatified ninety-nine persons who died for the faith in Angers. In his homily he had to speak in general terms because of this large number, but he did make mention of some of them by name. He said that Marie-Anne comforted Odile by saying:

“We will have the happiness of seeing God and possessing him for all eternity… and we will be possessed by him without fear of being ever separated from him.”

-Thomas Davitt CM

Watch this video based on a homily by former Superior General Richard McCullen, C.M.


  1. Marguerite Broderick

    This is well done –a reflective and creative illustration of Fr. McCullen’s homily. Many thanks.

    • Monica

      Thank you Sr. Marguerite. I really liked the imagination that went into his homily– very unique I thought.

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