Frederic Ozanam on Building the Good Society

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Formation

ozanam-koderGiven the profound questions Pope Francis is raising about our society it might be very instructive to take a few minutes to watch a series of videos in which Dr. Raymond Sickinger, Ph.D. leads discussion of a paper by Dr. David L. Gregory, Ph.D., entitled “Antoine Frederic Ozanam: Building the Good Society.

The video covers many topics rich in the Vincentian and Catholic traditions. Several professors from Niagara University participated as panelists.

This hour-long panel discussion, held during Vincentian Week, September 2009, was meant to acquaint faculty with the richness of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.
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Ralph Middlecamp of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, describes the times of Frederic Ozanam, the progression of his social thought, and some organizing principles or best practices when dealing with/advocating for the poor and marginalized in this visual presentation Roots of Ozanam’s Passion for Justice

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