social justice

There Is Enough

Today I find myself wondering if our faith is sufficient for tackling the hard questions that face us on a daily basis.


No matter how you arrive at the role of caregiver, whether suddenly or gradually, there is a spiritual component to caregiving.

Raising Awareness of the Sin of Racism

In an attempt to raise awareness of the sin of racism, the congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul of New York have presented conferences, webinars, and other educational resources.

Black Catholics and Racial Injustice

As North American social justice advocates from various branches of the Vincentian Family we have continually addressed the situation of people disadvantaged by racial injustice.

Frederic Ozanam and Social Justice

Frederic Ozanam and Social Justice

In an article that originally appeared on the website Justice Matters Ireland, Sr. Claire Sweeney, DC, writes: According to Ozanam, social justice demands that all Christians be a leaven in society. Writing to Lallier in November 1836, he says: “…if the question which...

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