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Reflecting on Haiti: A Vincentian Perspective on Justice and Agency

In Haiti, the echoes of gunfire are as common as the cries for help. The Caribbean nation, marked by a history of upheaval and disaster, now faces an era dominated by gang violence and political instability.

Migrant Families in Rural South Carolina

The migrant families are actively engaged in all aspects of the life of the parish.

The Northern Missions

The Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Halifax served in the northern missions of Canada in cities, towns and villages.

Madagascar Twinning Project

Since 2003, the Ladies of Charity have been committed to helping the people of Madagascar through the Twinning Project.

Frederic Ozanam and Social Justice

Frederic Ozanam and Social Justice

In an article that originally appeared on the website Justice Matters Ireland, Sr. Claire Sweeney, DC, writes: According to Ozanam, social justice demands that all Christians be a leaven in society. Writing to Lallier in November 1836, he says: “…if the question which...