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Award for Sickinger’s “Antoine Frédéric Ozanam”

Catholic Press Association of USA and Canada says that Frédéric Ozanam could very well be the Shakespeare of the indigent.

Systemic Change Lessons We Can Learn From Ozanam

In his lifetime Frédéric Ozanam neither heard nor uttered the phrases “systemic change” or “systemic thinking.” Yet an incident in his life illustrates a compelling argument that he was committed to helping people move from poverty to a sustainable life, a key element in changing systems that entrap people in poverty.

New Biography of Antoine Frederic Ozanam

The University of Notre Dame Press has just published a biography of Antoine Frederic Ozanam by Raymond Sickinger. He is the chair of the Department of History and Classics at Providence College. This is this first comprehensive biography in English in a long time....

Systemic change, learning organizations and the SVDP

At the conclusion of an excellent article, Frederick Ozanam: Systems Thinking and Systemic Change, noted Ozanam researcher Ray Sickinger, points out that the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, for which Ozanam was such an inspiration, is a learning organization which has...
Frederic Ozanam on Building the Good Society

Frederic Ozanam on Building the Good Society

Given the profound questions Pope Francis is raising about our society it might be very instructive to take a few minutes to watch a series of videos in which Dr. Raymond Sickinger, Ph.D. leads discussion of a paper by Dr. David L. Gregory, Ph.D., entitled “Antoine...

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