Systemic Change Ukraine – Day 2

by | Nov 22, 2014 | Systemic change

Day two of the systemic change commission in Ukraine has been very uplifting. The day started with presentations from Jim Claffey and Fr Giuseppe Turatti on Catholic social teaching and Vincentian Spirituality and Systemic Change. This is the first commission that has taken place where none of the commission members speak the native tongue and so we have had to relay very heavily on the two translators Olga and Kate who have done a marvellous job.

Later in the morning Kerry Anthony presented on the systemic change strategies that had been developed by the first commission. The remainder of the day was spent in group work considering projects in Ukraine. The groups were tasked with identifying a project and considering what strategies are already in place and what strategies could be adopted to make the projects truly systemic change projects.

The group is very energised and participative in all the sessions and it is a pleasure for the commission to be with our Vincentian Family in Ukraine where the weather is cold but the welcome is warm!