Many Ukrainians are Tired and Traumatised, but All are Bravely Getting on with their Lives

Just 48 hours before the horrendous missile attacks which rocked Ukraine on October 10th, I lit a candle and prayed for the people of Ukraine in Kyiv’s iconic gold domed church of St Michael.

Ukraine: We are battling war. Soon we will battle frostbite and hypothermia

Russia’s war on Ukraine has brought so much pain and suffering. It has resulted in a humanitarian crisis which will only get worse as winter approaches.

Six Months of Ukraine War Brings Exhaustion, Trauma and Fear

6 months on from the invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday 24th August, aid agency Depaul Ukraine is calling for urgent funds as thousands face exhaustion, trauma and fear at the bitter winter which lies just a few short weeks away.

The Superioress General Sister Françoise Petit, D.C. visited Ukraine

On August 26-28, 2022, Superioress General of the Daughters of Charity Sister Françoise Petit visited most of the communities of the Daughters of Charity in Ukraine. She was accompanied on the trip by, among others, Sister Hanna Cybyla, General Councilor for the...

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