Ukraine’s Gig Economy Workers are now Delivering Food for Depaul International

by | May 15, 2022 | Conflict in Ukraine, News

Depaul International has enlisted the help of former takeaway cyclists to deliver food to villages outside Ukraine’s big cities to help people in need.

Cyclists who used to deliver takeaways are now helping a homelessness charity reach people cut off in rural Ukraine. Image: Depaul International

DePaul International has enlisted former gig economy cyclists to deliver food to starving people in remote areas of Ukraine.

Depaul International has been supporting people made homeless or displaced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The charity has even brought in people it used to help before the conflict to support others who are sheltering in makeshift bomb shelters in Kharkiv and Odesa.

The latest innovation is targeting people outside the major cities, according to Father Vitaliy Novak, chair of Depaul Ukraine. Novak is leading the charity’s humanitarian response in the country and has spent the last two months driving trucks packed with aid across Ukraine.

“People can’t imagine not receiving aid from Depaul. It has been 72 days of not being able to leave their homes or bomb shelters,” said Novak.

“I’m proud that people say Depaul’s food is fresh and tasty. They also know we are coming regularly, as they need food every day.”

The innovative scheme is part of Depaul’s humanitarian response to get hot meals to people sheltering in makeshift city bomb shelters, homes and in the countryside. Image: Depaul International

“Our latest innovation is working with cyclists who used to deliver food for companies like Uber. They are now delivering food to the poorest of the poor, to elderly and disabled people who are often confined to their bedb. The cyclists are proud that they are now delivering food to these people.”

Source: The Big Issue

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