Systemic Change Ukraine – Day 2

Day two of the systemic change commission in Ukraine has been very uplifting with presentations from Jim Claffey and Fr Giuseppe Turatti on Catholic social teaching and Vincentian Spirituality and Systemic Change

Vincentian Family Systemic Change Workshop – Ukraine

Day one of the systemic change workshop in Ukraine started very well with over 100 participants in attendance from many different parts of the Vincentian Family and other collaborators, with a large number of younger people in attendance.

Systemic Change Workshop – Day 2

Group discussion surfaced St. Vincent de Paul as a “man of disturbance” – a man who was courageous to face the wind, unafraid to “walk towards trouble” responding to it with compassion.

Systemic Change Workshop Philippines – Day 1

News – Day 1 The Systemic Change Philippines Workshop formally began on July 7, 2014 at 8:30am at the OZ AVR of Adamson University. After the invocation and national anthem, a roll call of participants was made by Ms. Pamela Mantuhac (Director, Office for Vincentian...

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