Courage, An Overlooked Virtue?

Bold advocacy calls for courage.  We might lose friends, not everyone will agree with us.  And for an organization it can be very challenging to take a public stance on a controversial issue.

Matthew 25: A Vincentian Life Process

It is interesting to consider Matthew’s chapter 25 as a whole, all three parables together in sequence, one building on the other.

Habits and Systemic Change: A Reflection

A Latin proverb warns us “The power of habit is great.” We also know this from our spiritual formation. Wise spiritual directors counsel us to pray daily, to make it a habit, and our life will always have a solid foundation. Of course St. Vincent goes even further...

Who’s Missing: A Systemic Change Reflection

A recent U.S.A. news headline: “Poor seem far down list on candidates’ agendas.” No real surprise there! In the last presidential campaign in the United States, neither President Obama nor Mr. Romney ever mentioned people living in poverty in major campaign addresses...
Anyone Listening?

Anyone Listening?

A Vincentian Reflection on Listening and Systemic Change Someone actively engaged in ministry told me recently that he ran into a person from his former place of service, who thanked him profusely for helping her with a problem years ago. The minister was...

A Heritage of Systemic Change

A Heritage of Systemic Change

We have a great heritage. Sharing that heritage can help the systemic change process and the process of collaboration within the Family. Two men born in April, with feast days in September, but otherwise very different individuals in significant ways. How did two such...