FaViLa Day 3 – Systemic change and Mayan ball game

by | Mar 21, 2015 | News, Systemic change

Thursday 19th, Feast of St. Joseph. The reflection focused on Systemic Change. Members of the team for systemic change were in charge of this reflection. Jim Claffey of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul recalled the purpose of Systemic Change and the necessity to work as a family in collaboration with others. In his words: “We coordinate, but rarely collaborate. We must learn to work together as family”. P. Missael Poggioly CM talked about the seven principles of the Social Doctrine of the Church, as the basis of Systemic Change.

During the coffee break, we had an opportunity to watch a Mayan Ball game, presented by the Ministry of Culture and Sport from Guatemala. This was a sport that the Mayans practiced in Mesoamerica before the Christian age.

In the afternoon, some branches of the Vincentian Family presented Systemic Change Projects which are being implemented in their countries. These efforts are a sign of hope for those whom we serve and a push for those countries or branches of the Vincentian Family that have not yet  engaged in the process of systemic change.

The day ended with a cultural evening full of great creativity, enthusiasm, and joy. Each delegation shared their talents, their culture and some items from their countries.


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