How do relationships work when you’re a Sister?

by | Nov 9, 2014 | Daughters of Charity, Social, Social Media

holy hangout 12-14

It’s the big question: How do relationships work when you’re a Sister? Listen in and be a part of the discussion as we chat LIVE on YouTube Sunday, Dec. 7 at 8 p.m. CST, to answer that very question–and any others you have, of course!

Ask your questions by posting on our Timeline or using #HolyHangoutDC on Twitter and Instagram, and hear the answers during our Holy Hangout!

1. Visit close to Hangout time. The video will pop up on our feed just after 8!
2. Click the House icon on our channel page and select “Feed” if you don’t see the video.
3. Send in your questions and comments ahead of time on our Facebook Timeline, using #HolyHangoutDC on Instagram or Twitter, or add them during the Hangout on the YouTube video page as you’re watching. Just make sure you’re signed in on YouTube in order to leave a comment.

Questions about how to view the Hangout? Email Happy viewing!

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