Now on Social: Google Hangouts

Google hangouts makes sharing information on successful projects and collaborations a must for the Vincentian Family. The non-profit and the business world have been using them for a while now, and with great impact. Here’s how “ONE” announced one of its Google...

Holy Hangout with the discerners who saw the Pope

Sr. Liz hangs out with discerners from 4 states who made the pilgrimage to Philadelphia to see the Pope. Each tries to sum up Pope Francis in one word And catch the new "sister hoodies" that each was wearing.

Keys to Online Meetings

There have been years of research dedicated to the preparation and execution of successful meetings. But how often have we heard the words, "boring!" or "useless" when evaluating the seemingly endless meetings we are invited/compelled to attend? We're Vincentians --...

Holy Hangout – Human Trafficking

Holy Hangout – Human Trafficking