Navigating Affordable Care with people in poverty

by | Feb 13, 2014 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses

BreadandLifelogoNavigating the Affordable Care Act

The St. John’s Bread and Life program writes… “Thanks to Single Stop USA, a nonprofit working with community partners to provide screenings for and access to a wide range of government resources, Bread and Life is now providing health care enrollment assistance.

Vincent Davis is working at Bread and Life full time to assist uninsured guests in applying for health insurance through the official online Health Plan Marketplace for New York.

Since October 1st, 2013 individuals have been able to apply for healthinsurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Single Stop USA is providing our guests with an experienced Health Care Navigator, Vincent, who is able to explain the different types of coverage available through the online Marketplace, answer questions about benefits and service, and provide enrollment assistance into public/ private plans offered.

Since Vincent started enrolling clients this month he has  “Having insurance is just as important as having a job these days” Vincent said “It’s a great feeling to have someone come in who hasn’t been able to see a doctor and leave Bread and Life with health insurance and an appointment already set up with an assigned physician.”

  • Health Care Enrollment Assistance is just one of the many services Bread and Life has to offer our clients.
  • St. John’s University students run a program to assist guests in obtaining identification as well as St. John’s University Law students providing immigration assistance.
  • Food Bank also offers free tax preparation appointments
  • Urban Justice offers legal assistance to clients.

Please check out our website to see a full list of programs that are provided to guests at Bread and Life and if you or someone you know would like to offer professional help in your field to our guests please feel free to contact us!


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