Formation Friday – Vincentian heros

by | Feb 13, 2014 | Vincentian Family

Over the course of almost 400 years the followers of Vincent and Louise have inspired people to to serve the faith and physical needs of people living on the margins. The Vincentian Family tradition is rich in heroes and heroines. How well do we know know deeply spiritual and practical people?

Of course we know Vincent, Louise, Frederic, Elizabeth, Catherine, Rosalie, etc. But there is quite a host of lesser known saints and blesseds who have walked in their footsteps.

VinFormation provides a quick way of recognizing and learning more about them via its “Timeline of Vincentian Saints and Blesseds“.

Visiting this link brings one to a screen such as this one (second from the right in the span from Vincent almost to the present).

Rolling one’s mouse over the thumbnail pictures shown below reveals a picture, a quick fact about this person and a link to a biographical entry in the Vincentian Encyclopedia.

Timeline Gianna

For a fuller but still incomplete and growing list of our Saints biographies and well as those whose sanctity stands out, click on the following links: Blesseds, Venerables and Servants of God.

An explanation of the terms and the process for canonization.

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See also Robert Maloney’s Lesser Known Qualities of Saints of the Vincentian Family.