Articles for Bread and Life

He Leads People to the Poor: Bill Sweeney #IamVincent

Bill Sweeney could easily say, "I am Vincent." He's got Vincent's heart and Vincent's style: he leads people to the poor. Parishioners at St. Francis de Sales Church, Belle Harbor, NY (USA) gather for a Lenten dinner. Young and old, Bill...

SJU Bread and Life – Catholic Social Teaching in action

St. John’s Bread and Life is used as an example of Catholic Social Teaching in action. The 7 minute YouTube video shows how the program fleshes out Catholic social teaching.

Navigating Affordable Care with people in poverty

Navigating the Affordable Care Act The St. John's Bread and Life program writes... "Thanks to Single Stop USA, a nonprofit working with community partners to provide screenings for and access to a wide range of government resources, Bread and Life is now providing...

Creativity in fundraising – Dine Out to End Hunger!

Dine Out to End Hunger!  With this tag St. John’s Bread and Life celebrates its 30th anniversary and kick's off an innovative partnering with local restaurants to benefit those who hunger. From their newsletter.... Dear Friends, We are excited about continuing our 30...

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