Vincentian Prayer Images: Doing What We Can

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Formation, Reflections, Vincentian Family

Here is another in our series of “Praying Our Heritage.” The series illustrates quotes from key figures in the Vincentian Heritage.

Let the image and the quote sink in, and take root. These images might surprise you into prayer at various points in your day.

Frederic wrote to his young companions…
“Now, we others, we are too young to intervene in the social strife. Shall we then remain inert in the suffering and sighing world? No, there is a preparatory way open to us; before doing public good, we can endeavor to do good to some individuals; before regenerating France, we can solace some individuals amongst her poor.”


The perfect can be the enemy of the good.
  • What holds me back from doing what I can?
  • Do I pray that we live this heritage today?
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