New Series – Praying With Pictures at the Back of Our Minds

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Praying with the pictures in the back of our minds.

A few weeks ago we asked whether there was interest in a series offering Vincentian-themed images as occasions for prayer. The response expressed strong interest. So with this post, we officially begin this series. Look for new images each Tuesday morning.

Pictures at the back of our minds – They can haunt us as when see tragic pictures on our daily news programs. They can also inspire, for example when we look back at our home planet earth from the vantage place of a space capsule. Pictures flash into our consciousness at odd moments.

Is all prayer something that we have to set aside specific times for? Not really! How about praying in short bursts as an image comes to our minds?

Down through the centuries, on catacomb walls, stained glass in cathedrals reaching skyward, television and internet – pictures have led to prayer and contemplation.

Over the years FamVin has created and accumulated Vincentian images annotated with the insights of Vincent, Louise and others. While not in the category of National Geographic photography, these images can stay with us in the back of our mind during the day and be subtle prompts to short moments of prayer in the midst of our hectic lives. Praying withe pictures in the back of our minds

We can use these images as triggers for 5-10 seconds of prayer during a day. Try looking at the following image for a moment.  Let it take root in the back of your mind as a spiritual time-release capsule.

For the more visually oriented among, you don’t have to wait for the weekly image on Tuesday. You can browse for yourself. You can even search for images related to key words. Visit and search VinFormation’s database of prayer images.

We hope you will enjoy these time-release prayer capsules!

We would also welcome you sharing with all of us images that inspired you to prayer.

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