Some Things We Can All Agree On!

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Formation, Reflections, Spirituality and Spiritual Practice, Systemic change | 1 comment

Some things we can all agree on! And therefore something worth repeating. The Sisters of Charity Federation said it well in 2016…

The Sisters of Charity Federation members at their recent meetings committed themselves to joining in prayer and fasting for wisdom and discernment as the U.S. moves toward national elections.

As women religious, prayer is at the very core of whom we are as servants of God, and prayer is part of every aspect of our lives, and that includes praying for our world, our country, all citizens, and those who govern.

We pray in thanksgiving for the privilege and responsibility of being able to organize as individuals politically.

We pray that each of us, as citizens, feel compelled to exercise our right and responsibility to vote.

We pray for all to make decisions and vote based on their conscience.

We pray for leaders who will make decisions for the good of all, especially the least among us.

We pray that God will protect all candidates and their families, and give them strength and wisdom.

We pray not just for the candidates but all leaders and for the nation.

We pray that the candidates who are voted into office will act as “servant-leaders.”

To make it easier they even offer the following prayer card.

Why not take the time spread the word about this campaign!


For the more visually oriented you might also consider the Prayer of St. Francis.

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  1. Louis Arceneaux, c.m.

    A safe prayer. A more challenging one would add a phrase like this. “May our consciences be so formed that we choose candidates who support most if not all principles of Catholic Social teaching and not be focused on one teaching that we feel strongly about.”