What was it like to learn from Vincent?

by | Jun 11, 2016 | Formation, Reflections


You have seen the graphic for this series. What was is like to sit across the table from Vincent and learn from him?

Each Tuesday the more pastorally concerned clergy would gather to learn from Vincent.

Abelly states that more than 12,000 ordinands made their retreats at St. Lazare during Vincent’s lifetime.

A large number of Vincent’s letters are, basically, spiritual direction for his priests, brothers, sisters, and friends.

How about a front row seat at one of Pope Francis’ morning celebrations in his house? Can you imagine that?

Unfortunately, none of us will ever experience sitting across the desk from St. Vincent. Nor will many of us feel the impact of morning Eucharist with the Pope.

What we do have is an article by former Superior General Robert Maloney, the 22nd successor of St. Vincent, on Vincent and Formation.

[See a visual presentation of his article.]

The thesis of this article is that being a Vincentian also means being a formator… leading others to a fuller participation in the evangelization of the poor.

Of particular interest to us today is sitting across the table from Father Maloney as he offers his insights on ten characteristics we can learn from St. Vincent.