New chapter in Vincentian Dictionary – men want all responsibility

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Dictionary 11In this new chapter in Vincentian Dictionary  learn that Vincent said men want all responsibility and women can not tolerate this.

It is a different kind of Vincentian dictionary/chronology! Lives in context. It represents a correlation of the events of the day with the events and the writings of both Vincent and Louise. The current chapter covers the period from 1650-1654.

Among other dimensions of historical context we see the efforts at war relief (which echo to our present day) and the growing number of establishments of the Daughters of Charity as well as the marriage of Louise de Marillac’s son, Michel La Gras to Gabrielle Le Clerc and the death of Descartes.

The quotes from this period also still echo…

St. Vincent

With regard to the Confraternities composed of men and women: Men and women working together do not agree on administrative matters. The men want to assume entire responsibility for them and the women cannot tolerate this (CCD:IV:76).

The women … are so careful and trustworthy (CCD:IV:76).

St. Louise

Louise visited the Procurator General: Blas Meliand – He asked me if we considered ourselves regular or secular. I told him that we aspired only to the latter (SWLM:318 [L.283]).




You will notice that there is a color scheme in this Dictionary: Blue is used when referring to the historical events that occurred in France during the years 1658-1660; Red is used when referring to the events and the writings of Vincent de Paul; Green is used when referring to the events and writings of Louise de Marillac.

Father Rafael Villarroya (a936-1993) was a member of the Congregation of the Mission and the Visitor of the Province of Zaragoza from 1973-1976. He died without publishing any of his work. Those who knew him also knew that he was dedicated to the research of books, articles, places, photographs … any material related to Vincent de Paul and his various establishments. Father Mixtel put order into much of Father Rafael’s material especially the material that will be found in this Dictionary.

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  1. Ross

    I like the subtitle of this post. I have yet to check out the original French St. Vincent’s observation, but ‘want’ can be taken either as “like” or ‘lack’!