New Year’s reading – Reviewing a Superior General’s hopes

by | Jan 3, 2015 | Spirituality and Spiritual Practice

New Year’s reading – Reviewing a Superior General’s hopes – At the beginning of a new year we often reflect on hopes as we move from one year to another. FamVin offers this opportunity to reflect on former Superior General Fr. Maloney’s hopes for Vincentians as expressed some 20 years ago, then again 15 years ago, and finally, some 10 years ago.

To what extent were they prophetic? What are the constant themes valid for today? What remains to be done?

“We are Vincentians” presents a 1994 version of his thoughts. There is an updated presentation by Fr. Maloney published 5 years later in VINCENTIANA, the official journal to the Congregation.

Finally he offers his thoughts once again some 5 years later in “Some Opportunities for Creativity”.

The theme of hopes and creativity can be found in many other writings of his in VINCENTIANA.


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