Grant writing from perspective of funders

by | Oct 3, 2014 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses, Vincentian Family

Asset managementWorkshop on wise Asset management – Day 3 featured grant writing from the perspective of funders, realities of corruption and sustainability. Father Jolly continues his recap…

The creative and inspiring Morning Prayer and Holy Mass set the tune for nice third day and we continued to focus on preparing a grant proposal with a carefully drawn up budget presentable to a foundation for funding or co-funding.

The practical guidelines given by the resource team from the view point of the funder were the most helpful tips in the formulation of the proposal especially the budget part of it. It was as if looking from the other end of the telescope that we never bothered to look from.  After going through the process of preparing a grant proposal, we felt that we have presented an already established case before the foundation that would not possibly reject the proposal. At the end of the exercise, all of us felt more confident to initiate a grant proposal with any foundation as we knew well the basics that underlie a good proposal.

The afternoon sessions were on corruptions found wherever there is money.  A thought provoking story on corruption brought home to us the magnitude of the problem and how corruption impedes human developments including its ethical and societal repercussions. How we can address this issue of corruption as Vincentian stewards in a healthy manner was a promising guideline for all of us.

The next topic was on sustainability following as St. Vincent whose foundations were self-sustained. The ways by which St. Vincent raised funds to sustain the various undertaking he had initiated were the best and proved tools that we can employ most of them today to sustain our ministries.

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