Telling Vincentian Family stories

by | May 22, 2014 | Vincentian Family

Slideshare latestEvery family has stories to tell. The Vincentian Family is no exception. And Slide Share is one of the ways the Vincentian Family tells its stories.

SlideShare is a kind of YouTube for presentations. The Vincentian Family has its own SlideShare channel focusing on the stories of the Vincentian Family – 159 of them at the present moment. Most of them have been produced by VinFormation.

Stories about the founders of the various branches of the Family, about the pioneers who showed us what it means to see the face of Christ in those we serve – not just Vincent, Louise, Frederic, Catherine, Rosalie,etc but also about some of our lesser known  pioneers some of whom – but not all – who are also known by their titles as saints or blesseds. Some were people who literally gave their lives in heroic martyrdom. Others quietly went about the day in and day work of ministering with those in all kinds of needs.

Some of the 159 presentations tell the stories of our various branches, where we minister,  how we try to minister – the virtues we try to embody – the strategies we use such systemic change.

Other presentations help us to pray using visual media, etc.

If you would like to know more about these stories  browse our SlideShare channel either by viewing them according to the most popular or the latest.

Let us know how you use the.

Let know if you have any you would care to add to this channel.




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