Blessed Marguerite Rutan – April 9

by | Apr 9, 2014 | Daughters of Charity, Vincentian Family

Rutan_vFamvin remembers this day of her martyrdom in 1794  with the text of the homily by Fr. Patrik Griffin at the Mass of Thanksgiving during her beatification in 2011. At that time Father Griffin was the Director General of the Daughters of Charity

Some excerpts from the whole homily

… Sr. Marguerite Rutan, a Daughter of Charity, was martyred during the Revolution.  Yesterday, we declared her “Blessed” which is our technical way of recognizing what she was and is.  And, I would like to suggest that her holiness was “ordinary.”  No, not ordinary in the sense that it was unimportant or colorless, but ordinary in the sense that she accepted martyrdom for carrying out her daily role as a Daughter of Charity to the end of her life.

…. The celebration of Marguerite offers us a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon a life well-lived and the path to holiness.  Pope Benedict’s description of the path to sanctity leading from the Eucharist, through prayer, into Gospel living describes her well.  All three of the Scripture readings can be held out as an answer to the question:  “How do I become a saint?”  All three can be used to describe the life of Marguerite Rutan.  She gives flesh and blood to the biblical images in her ordinary and faithful living as a Daughter or Charity.  We thank God today for her example and we ask the Lord for the grace to respond well to the call for holiness so that we too can be counted among the “blessed.”

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