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Modern day martyr – Bl. Lindalva DC

Modern day martyr – Bl. Lindalva DC celebrated just over 20 years after her death

Blessed Marguerite Rutan – April 9

Famvin remembers this day of her martyrdom in 1794  with the text of the homily by Fr. Patrik Griffin at the Mass of Thanksgiving during her beatification in 2011. At that time Father Griffin was the Director General of the Daughters of Charity Some excerpts from the...

Correction – Patron of the abused

An earlier article about a Vincentian martyr as a possible patron saint of the abused requires further nuance. THe article was based on three different sources which collectively missed a significant nuance. FamVin has learned from Vincent Hermans, secretary of the...

Vincentian martyr – proposed Patron of Abuse Victims

Martyred bishop proposed as patron saint of abuse victims. A Dutch Catholic bishop burned alive in 1937 by Japanese troops for protecting Chinese girls from rape may become the patron saint of sex abuse victims worldwide. What is not mentioned in the following article...
Martyred at 19

Martyred at 19

Among the Vincentians soon to be beatified Brother Narciso Pascual Pascual (1917-1936) wasw only 19 when he was martyred in 1936. "If they kill me, I die for Christ and I die to save the country:  At the beginning of 1936 threatening clouds were gathering over the...

A Vincentian martyr’s faith and humor

A Vincentian martyr’s faith and humor

As he was fleeing persecution at age 70 he wrote… “I want none of this world’s goods, apart from a decent watch; only one of the ones you sent two years ago was any good. The others began by gaining an hour every day, and later two hours; then they all contracted a...

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